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Astrophotography by Jason Jennings


The following resources I have found extremely useful in my astrophotography pursuits. More information will be added in due time.

Image Processing Tools and Documentation

Star Catalogs for imaging calibration (G2V) and telescope pointing model refinements

USNO-A2.0 catalog: Catalog of 526,280,881 stars - 6Gb download.

G2V Stars: Our sun, a G2V star, radiates at a temperature of about 5780 kelvin. Our eyes see sunlight as white. Find a G2V star, image it with red, green and blue filters, and determine the weights to equalize the signals. Use those weights to achieve a white-point adjustment for proper star color balance.

TPointMapper: AAGWare's TPointMapper is strongly recommended for building extensive pointing models for Software Bisques' TheSky. Being ASCOM compliant, it is very easy to configure and operate.

Telescope Mounts and Polar Alignment

Titan Tips - Great tips and tricks in fine tuning the Losmandy Titan mount

Titan Users Yahoo Group

Gemini Users Yahoo Group

Losmandy Users Yahoo Group

PolarAlignMax: Polar Align Max assists in achieving very accurate polar alignment using a CCD camera. This is an alternative to using the CCD drift alignment method.

ASCOM software and documentation

ASCOM Users Yahoo Group

CCDWare PEMPro: This is an amazing software that can drastically reduce the periodic error of most telescope mounts. Highly recommended if you want to get the most from your telescope mount or into astrophotography. This will reduce the quantity of autoguiding movements resulting in round sharp stars.

Automated Focusing Software


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