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Nebulae :: CG12



Resolutions Available: 600x800 : 1200x1800 : 1800x2400
         Object CG12
         Comment Located in the constellation of Centaurus, Cometary Globule 12 (CG12) is a high latitude low mass star forming region associated with the young cluster and blue reflection nebula NGC 5367. Discovered in 1976 on an ESO/SRC Sky Survey plate taken with the UK Schmidt telescope, CG12 is in contrast to most other Cometary Globules because it is far away from the galactic disk with a galactic latitude of more than 21 degrees. Cometary globules are known stellar birthplaces that show a head-tail morphology similar to comets. Their heads are dusty, compact and bright-rimmed. A faintly luminous tail extending from the head generally points away from a nearby bright early-type star. CG12 is estimated to be a distance of approximately 600 pc. Text adapted from APOD.

Image is an LRGB composite
         Optics Modified ASA N16 Astrograph F/3.5 (1396mm FL)
         Camera Apogee Alta F16000 - 1x1 bin (image scale: 1.1 arcsec/pix)
         Mount Software Bisque Paramount ME
         Exposure Total exposure time: 4.5 hours
         Date May 2015


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