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Star Clusters :: NGC5139 - Omega Centauri

NGC5139 - Omega Centauri


Resolutions Available: 885x881 : 1996x1957 : 3277x3262
         Object NGC5139 - Globular Cluster Omega Centauri
         Comment Omega Centauri (aka NGC 5139) located in the constellation Centaurus, is the largest known globular cluster in our Milky Way galaxy. At a distance of approximately 17,000 light-years from Earth and 150 light years in diameter, it appears close to the apparent size of our Moon (which is only 384,403 kilometres from Earth) Billions of stars packed together, each tell their story. The age of Omega Centauri is estimated to be 16 billion years, making it one of the oldest objects in the universe.

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This image is a LRGB composite.
         Optics Takahashi FSQ-106ED F/5 (530mm FL)
         Camera Apogee Alta U16M - 1x1 bin (image scale: 3.5 arcsec/pix)
         Mount Software Bisque Paramount ME
         Exposure Total exposure time: 8.9 hours (L:175min,RGB:120min per channel)
         Date May 2011


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