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Astrophotography by Jason Jennings

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Nebulae :: IC1805 in Ha

IC1805 in Ha


Resolutions Available: 800x600 : 1600x1200
         Object IC1805 in Ha
         Comment Residing in the constellation Cassiopeia, a young open star cluster known as Mel 15 is bounded by strong Hydrogen Alpha emitting nebulosity of IC1805. IC1805 is also known as the Heart Nebula; however a much larger field of view is required to distinguish its shape. The nebula is located approximately 2,500 light years away.
         Optics Takahashi TOA-150 F/7 (1050mm FL)
         Camera SBIG ST10XME (NABG) - 1x1 bin (image scale: 1.33 arcsec/pix)
         Mount Paramount GT1100s
         Exposure Total exposure time: 90min (9x10min subs) through an Astrodon 6nm Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) filter.
         Date 13/10/2007


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