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Astrophotography by Jason Jennings

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Nebulae :: NGC2327



Resolutions Available: 860x825 : 1434x1375
         Object NGC2327
         Comment NGC2327 (aka RCW2) resides in the constellation Canis Major and is part of a much larger nebulae complex known as IC2177 (Seagull Nebula). NGC2327 is a compact, dusty emission region with an embedded massive star that forms the shape of a bird's head. The surrounding nebulosity is a magenta/blue hue due to the high volume of dust which reflects the blue light of the embedded stars. The nebula is sometimes referred to as the Parrot Nebula due to its structural similarities.

The image is a [Ha+R]GB composite.
         Optics RCOS 12.5" F/9 (2874mm FL)
         Camera Apogee Alta F16M - 1x1 bin (image scale: .65 arcsec/pix)
         Mount Software Bisque Paramount ME
         Exposure Total exposure time: 12 hours
         Date April 2014


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