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Astrophotography by Jason Jennings

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Nebulae :: M78 - Reflection Nebula

M78 - Reflection Nebula


Resolutions Available: 800x800 : 1800x1800
         Object M78 - Reflection Nebula
         Comment Discovered in 1780 by Pierre M├ęchain, M78 is a classic reflection nebula located in the constellation Orion. M78 is predominately a large cloud of interstellar dust that shines reflected and scattered light of bright blue (spectral class B) stars nested amongst the dust. Present are small red knots of nebulosity which are believed to be gas outflow jets, ejected from young stars embedded within the nebulous matter. M78 is located 1600 light year away.

This image is a LRGB composite. A synthetic luminance was created from the RGB data. Data acquired on the Lightbuckets 12" RCOS.
         Optics RCOS 12" F/9 (2857 mm FL)
         Camera Apogee Alta U16M - 1x1 bin (image scale .65 arcsec/pix)
         Mount Paramount ME
         Exposure Total exposure time: 6 hours (R:120min,G:120min,B:120min)
         Date December 2009


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