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Nebulae :: NGC460



Resolutions Available: 800x600 : 1600x1200 : 2400x1800
         Object NGC460
         Comment The Small Magellanic Cloud in the constellation Tucana contains several HII regions within its irregular structure. Most are active star forming regions similar to the presented image. Here the vibrant open cluster NGC460 is surrounded by a complex array of nebulosity comprising of hydrogen (red) and oxygen (blue/teal). The bright oxygen shell beneath the cluster is NGC456. NGC460 was discovered in 1834 by John Herschel.

An annotated image produced by Sakib Rasool is available here for reference. Thanks Sakib.

Image is a [HA+L][HA+R]GB composite with an OIII overlay clipping mask.
         Optics Modified ASA N16 Astrograph F/3.5 (1420mm FL)
         Camera Apogee Aspen CG16070 - 1x1 bin (image scale: 1.07 arcsec/pix)
         Mount Software Bisque Paramount ME
         Exposure Total exposure time: 9.5 hours
         Date October 2015


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