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Galaxies :: Fornax Dwarf Galaxy

Fornax Dwarf Galaxy


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         Object Fornax Dwarf Galaxy
         Comment The Fornax Dwarf galaxy (aka MCG-06-07-001, PCG10093) is located in the constellation Fornax. The galaxy is an ellipsoidally shaped swarm of old stars, which formed about the same time as the galaxy and are similar to those in globular clusters. This galaxy is a satellite of our Milky Way, approximately 500,000 light years distant and contains six globular clusters; the largest, NGC 1049, was discovered before the galaxy itself. The galaxy is also receding from the Milky Way at 53 km/s. Due to the galaxy's low surface brightness and large extension, it is a difficult target for visual observation at mag 9 with the brightest stars around 19th magnitude. The presented image also displays faint wisps of dusty nebulae in the region. Reference

This image is a LRGB composite.
         Optics Takahashi FSQ-106ED F/5 (530mm FL)
         Camera SBIG STL-11000M - 1x1 bin (image scale: 3.5 arcsec/pix)
         Mount Losmandy Titan
         Exposure Total exposure time: 9.5 hours (L:240min,R:120min,G:90min,B:120min)
         Date Acquired over multiple nights.


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